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By Dan Zimmerman


By Austin Knudsen

One of the groups of people that I had the good fortune of meeting at SHOT via my good friend E.J. Redding was the folks at Primary Weapons Systems (PWS). E.J. has been shooting PWS rifles in 3-gun matches for a few years now, and I’ve handled a few of their products whilst smoking cigars in E.J.’s workshop over the years. PWS is located in Parma, Idaho, and they manufacture high-end AR-platform firearms in various calibers (not to mention their wicked-cool Summit T-bolt .22 rifle) . . .

PWS is predominately known for their long stroke piston-operated AR rifles, which basically incorporate the AK-47 style, ultra-reliable long stroke piston system into the AR platform. For those who aren’t familiar with the difference between a piston-operated AR and a traditional direct impingement (DI) AR, let me briefly explain.

The original AR design and 99% of the ARs marketed today are DI guns, meaning gas is bled off the barrel upon firing via the gas block, that gas is directed back to the bolt carrier via the gas tube, and this direct application of gas operates the bolt and cycles the action each time upon firing. The piston system, on the other …read more

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