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By Dan Zimmerman


By James M.

One of the biggest issues facing gun owners today is building support amongst those neutral on (or at least not ardently clamoring for more) gun control. They are the ones we need in order to swing elections and put pressure on politicians. Those who truly believe in civilian disarmament, regardless of why they do, cannot and will not be swayed. We can talk endlessly about our rights, we can pull up as many statistics as we want about DGUs, we can offer alternatives to address crime, and none of it means a damn thing when it comes to the Feinsteins and Bradys of the world. We need to accept that and focus on the middle. What’s the best way to do that? . . .


Discussions about rights and statistics are important but they’re also dry and forgettable. The experience of actually shooting for the first time? We all know damn well that isn’t. It’s a lesson that’ll stick, and it’ll help kill the myth of gun owners all being angry old men itching for a second revolution when they get to the range and see that it’s just people who want to have a …read more

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