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By Dan Zimmerman


I have to admit, second only to flashlights, I am a holster addict. It started way back in 1966 when I started carrying a Browning Hi Power in a World War II M3 ‘tanker’ holster while flying around and sightseeing in that sunny garden paradise, South Vietnam. As often happens, vacation getaways end and I came home and became a cop. That’s when the holster fetish really kicked in. . .

It would seem police leather, including holsters, kicked into high gear in the late sixties and early seventies. John Bianchi, a young cop in southern California started his company, Safariland started making gear for the LAPD and Don Johnson and Miami Vice made the JackAss shoulder holster famous.

Over the years I slowly migrated to non-leather holsters and also gradually started using inside the waistband holsters almost exclusively. Many were really made well and the first kydex holsters started arriving and it became possible for new start up manufacturers to start plying their trade via the Internet.

I first heard of Overwatch holsters just after I blew $110.00 for a comparable holster by one of the really well known manufacturers. As I was still waiting for my ‘other’ holster, …read more

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