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By Dan Zimmerman


By Tim Ellwood

I used to work for a major gun company back at the turn of the century. My job as a regional sales manager consisted of driving around a three-state area, going to gun shops. (It sucked, but someone had to do it.) I had taken over the North Carolina,Virginia and Tennessee territory and moved to central North Carolina from Florida. I was in western North Carolina and had a meeting scheduled at a shop first thing in the morning. Best thing to do when you have a early meeting is to bring doughnuts . . .

I did not know the town, so I stopped in the first grocery store I saw. I thought I was ready for anything. I had 50 or so sample handguns in my company van and was armed to the teeth.
I had been to shooting schools, “gunfighter” schools, taught knife defensive classes and was still in pretty good shape then.

A model 25-5 6″ .45 Long Colt revolver sat in a shoulder rig under my left arm. A Sigma in .357 SIG was on my right hip and I had a 642 in my left pocket. All that was backed up up with a balisong …read more

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