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By Ammoland

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Contact Your Ohio Legislators, Urge Them To Override Kasich’s Veto Of HB228

Ohio – -( Ohioans for Concealed Carry needs you to contact your Ohio Senator and Representative to urge them to vote to override Kasich’s anti-citizen and anti-law enforcement veto of HB228!

As you may know, this bill makes improvements to Ohio’s concealed carry law:

  • 1) Shifts the burden of proof in self defense shootings from the accused to the prosecutor (like 49 other states in the Union have).
  • 2) Strengthens Ohio Revised Code 9.68 to prevent municipalities from continuing to violate state preemption law without financial repercussions.
  • 3) Makes straw purchases a state crime.
  • 4) Removes the requirement to carry a second form of identification in addition to a concealed handgun license.
  • 5) Removes the requirement to post “no guns” signs in statutory locations that have opted to allow carry.
  • 6) Permits law enforcement officers without a CHL to carry into liquor establishments when off duty.
  • 7) Adds correction officers to the list of persons required to complete a firearms requalification program annually.

The bill is scheduled for a veto override vote in both chambers of the legislature after Christmas. We urge you to call AND write your legislators (see below for a sample email and info …Read the Rest

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