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By Jenn Jacques

Concealed-Gun BA

Florida construction worker Gary Cleveland was on his jobsite Sunday night when he became the target of a teenage armed robber, the Lake City Police Department said.

Fortunately, a nail gun is not the only tool Cleveland had on hand to work with.

While working at a restaurant on E. Duval Street in Lake City a black teen approached the construction worker to ask for money. When Cleveland declined the teen’s request, the teen left, police said.

Later that night, while Cleveland was cleaning up for the night, the teen returned with a handgun and demanded money, according to police.

Instead of giving the teen money, Cleveland reportedly pulled his own handgun, for which he had a concealed-carry permit, and fired two shots.

The teen fled, and neither Cleveland nor police said they believed the teen was injured.

Investigators have determined Cleveland discharged his weapon in an act of self-defense and are not pressing charges against him for the shooting.

This construction worker may be good with a nail gun, but he should probably become more proficient with his handgun if he plans on continuing to carry it for self defense. The teen could have easily shot him, as he was unharmed by the …Read the Rest

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