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By Tom Knighton

For most of my time here at Bearing Arms, I’ve gotten remarkably little criticism. Oh, some comments take issue with stuff I say, which is normal, but very little of it went beyond that. I had some folks who thought I was too hard on the deputy who refused to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, but that’s been about it.

What criticism I did get, though, tended to be respectful and meant to engender discussion rather than just telling me I’m scum.

Until this week.

This week, I wrote a story about a man who sentenced for selling illegal machine guns.

Many people took issue with me over this, including a few that blew up my PMs on Facebook to call me everything but a decent human being. It seems I’m a “libtard snowflake” because I believe laws should be enforced, even if I disagree with those laws.

You see, for all of those disgusting attacks, including a few that may have been alluding to violence, no one bothered to ask why I supported the National Firearms Act and felt it was constitutional. I figured I’d go ahead and address that for anyone who may have wondered, though.

I don’t.

That’s right. I …Read the Rest

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