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By James England

North Carolina could be the next state to get permitless concealed carry passed through the legislature. It’s still a long shot. The bill has been filed with the House and it’s making its rounds through the review process. But here’s why we’re hoping it works…

At present, North Carolina has a reasonably permissible open carry system in play. The concealed carry process, though, has put a lot of strain on local sheriffs and police departments. And different counties in North Carolina view the Second Amendment.

Mecklenburg County, for instance, wanted to extend the amount of time to conduct its background investigation to ensure permits are issued to people who its officials believe are deserving of a concealed carry permit.

We’ve already seen in states like Louisiana that when the budget doesn’t include enough money for police to go after crime AND file paperwork for concealed carry applicants, the system sort of breaks itself.

And let’s not underplay how concealed carry permits affect handgun sales in North Carolina. In that state, if you want to purchase a handgun, you have to apply to your local sheriff’s office for a ‘permit to purchase’. This requires you to file paperwork, pay money, and wait …Read the Rest

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