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By Ammoland

Political Podium


Here is evidence that real, important, effective lawmaking is still happening in the House and Senate – we just rarely hear about it.

USA – -( If you only watch, read, and listen to the mainstream media, it is reasonable to believe that members of Congress do nothing but bicker. The only stories that earn air time, ink, or tweets are those which the elite media deem the most important (read most entertaining) and focus only on the partisan fights of the day.

According to the elite media’s narrative, Republicans and Democrats never work together, Congress never solves any problems, and legislating has essentially ended on Capitol Hill.

However, this isn’t reality. In fact, members of Congress regularly work on reasonable, bipartisan legislation to make life better for Americans. One recent example which the media has ignored is the Organ Donor Clarification Act (ODCA). It was introduced in the House on July 19 and is supported by a 15-member group of Republicans and Democrats – as well as more than a dozen medical, political, and philanthropic organizations, including The Gingrich Foundation.

The central aim of the bill is to end the nationwide organ shortage and help get new organs to …Read the Rest

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