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By Justin Stakes

Bigfoot Gun Belts: Gun belts made with extra thick thread
Bigfoot Gun Belts: Gun belts made with extra thick thread
Bigfoot Gun Belts
Bigfoot Gun Belts

Hayden, ID -( To craft a tough and rugged leather gun belt, our seamsters and seamstresses sew each Bigfoot Gun Belt using a military grade thread known as Tex 270.

To evaluate its toughness, Concealed Nation’s James England took it upon himself to “torture test” our steel reinforced leather gun belts. This included taking a soldering iron to it.

“Going after the thread, first, it took a while to melt a hole all the way through the treading and into the leather,” England said. “The thread held up surprisingly long. And after one link was destroyed, it didn’t immediately begin to unravel like it would with lesser quality stitching.”

Lead Bigfoot Gun Belts Engineer Igor Shirobokov selected this “extra heavy duty” thread for several reasons.

“This polyester thread is more resistant to UV exposure, heat, and chemicals,” Shirobokov said. “It also has an excellent resistance to aging and abrasion.”

Becky Brassea, a seamstress of 25 years, attests to the quality of materials and craftsmanship behind each Bigfoot Gun Belt.

“The thread is perfect for what we’re doing,” Brassea said. “In terms of handiwork, it’s very important to us …Read the Rest

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