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By Brandon Curtis

Our solution is a 2-step process that will, guaranteed, provide a significant decrease in mass shootings seen not only in the US, but across the world.

Step 1: Have the media agree not to publicize mass shootings

Many mass shooters are looking for something: to be remembered.

While most of us want to be remembered for good things, they want to be remembered for the amount of destruction and chaos they created. These mass shootings are almost becoming a challenge to these mentally-ill people. Who can take out the most people? Who can claim the #1 spot that will get all of the world’s attention?

You know they’ll get the attention, too. Their name and face will be plastered all over the internet and on every TV in every home. People will know their name, their history, and what they did.

The media effectively gives them the largest pedestal they can receive, almost glorifying them to a height of stardom.

Our policy, since the beginning, has been to never publish the names or photos of mass shooters. It’s something that we’re proud of, and that policy will never change.

Unfortunately, it will never happen with the mainstream media. Ratings will suffer, and we wouldn’t want them to …Read the Rest

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