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By Brandon Curtis

WASHINGTON — In a republican move to allow people with Concealed carry permits to carry in any other state in the country has passed the house on Wednesday.

The vote was 231-198, with 6 Democrats in support and 14 Republicans in opposition.

“The Bill of Rights is not a philosophical exercise,” Georgia GOP Rep. Doug Collins, who personally had a concealed carry permit for what described as self-defense reasons. “I don’t think that right should be undermined simply because I travel to another state.”

The bill of course will now head to the Senate, and we will keep you posted on its advance towards the President’s desk.

New additions were made to the bill that address the NICS background check process, as well as an address to bump stocks after the massacre in Las Vegas. reports;

Many Democrats were also incensed that the bill was merged with two other measures with bipartisan support. One would fill in holes in the National Criminal Instant Background Check system (NCIS) that were highlighted after a mass shooting at a Texas church last month, in which the gunman, a former Air Force member, was able to buy guns even though he had a criminal record that …Read the Rest

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