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Women who carry a concealed handgun tend to have limited options for where to carry their defensive firearm. Often, women’s clothing makes it difficult for women to carry a gun on their body, if they choose not to dress around their concealed carry rig. The next best option is for off-body carry in a concealed carry purse.

Ordinary purses can present a danger for the concealed carry holder in that they do not provide dedicated pocket in which to store a firearm. Even if a gun is secured in a holster, there are no mounting points to ensure that a gun is securely fastened and always oriented in a specific direction for a safe and quick draw.

Of course, there is also the danger that an unsecured gun in the main body of a regular purse could be accessible to anyone, whether that’s a criminal or a child.

Fortunately, there are options for a dedicated concealed carry purse. Here are six companies that make concealed carry purses that are designed to give women a safe and easy way to carry their defensive guns.

Galco Gunleather

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