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By James England

In just the little time that has passed since a deadly mass shooting claimed the lives of several dozen men and women in a nightclub in Orlando, plenty of fodder has been added to the fire to stoke the flames of the gun control debate.

There have been ample debates online and even some political action towards pushing an agenda in the wake of an incident.

One thing we can definitely see from the preliminary FBI investigation results is that the man who conducted this attack had a history of suspicious activity and he targeted a place where the majority of people were likely to not have been armed. These are two ingredients which, alone, spell disaster.

Unfortunately, now we’re also starting to get into the debate of whether or not a concealed carrier would have been in a position to stop this attack.

The Register-Guard of Eugene, Oregon, had an op-ed submitted by someone who reportedly has direct knowledge of dealing with firearms and suggests that a concealed carrier would have been ineffective against an attack of this magnitude.

We respectfully disagree.

Concealed carriers have and will continue to stop mass shootings.

We specifically made an article covering several specific instances where a <a class="colorbox" …Read the Rest

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