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By G. Halek

As concealed carriers, we’re mindful of hands. Walking through a crowded place, it may be inevitable for people to bump into you. In some situations, it’s unavoidable that someone will put their hands on you.

Someone who is concealing a handgun on his person should be mindful of who touches him or her and how. In certain cases, it can be an honest gesture — a relative, family member, or child. In others, it’s less certain. And in a few rare cases, it’s absolutely unwarranted and needs to be addressed.

Where do you carry your gun?

If you’re like most concealed carriers, that gun is located somewhere along the waistline.

Someone touching your arm or your shoulder is not likely to notice that gun. Conversely, almost no one has an excuse to feel about your ankles. And there are probably only a very select few people on this earth that would have even a reasonable excuse to put their hands on your waistline.

The hardest to address is the first: strangers.

Stranger Danger And Concealed Carry

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