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By John Farnam

Man Killed By Armed PSU Officers Had Valid Concealed Carry Permit


Man Killed By Armed PSU Officers Had Valid Concealed Carry Permit

Ft Collins, CO –-( Getting involved in other peoples’ business never ends well.

Last Friday, officers with the Portland (OR) State University Police confronted a man on campus, who had a gun in his hand. The man appeared to represent a threat.

Officers shot the suspect. The suspect was DRT. No other injuries.

Details such as numbers of shot fired, distance, verbal challenges by police, etc have not been reported.

The suspect apparently had a valid state-issued CCW permit. Witnesses say he was in the process of trying to “break-up a fight,” in which he was not otherwise involved.

Witnesses also say the suspect’s holstered pistol (apparently legally carried) somehow fell out of its belt-holster (assuming it was actually carried in a holster) as he tried to pull one combatant off of another.

When the suspect attempted to retrieve his pistol, officers arrived and saw a gun in his hand.

Of course, arriving officer knew few details, aside from the fact that they were confronting a man with a gun in his hand.

The suspect/decedent turned out to be a postal worker with no criminal record. It is likely …Read the Rest

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