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By Tom McHale

Self Defense Insurance

Tom McHale, reviews the best self defense insurance options, sometimes called concealed carry liability insurance.

Self Defense Insurance
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Tom McHale

USA –-( If you carry a gun for personal defense or keep one at home for the same reason, you really ought to consider investing in a paid self defense insurance or protection plan.

Here’s why. If you ever have to draw or use your gun (or another weapon) in self-defense, you can be legally right yet still lose everything. Unfortunately, there are far too many cases of armed citizens being ruined by unbearable costs of criminal charges and civil lawsuits. You might be tossed in jail and burdened with tens of thousands of bail. You might need to pay your attorney a hundred thousand dollars – or more – for your defense, even if you were right in the first place.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Jay Rodney Lewis. Attacked by drunks in a road rage incident, he spent 112 days in jail awaiting trial before he was exonerated because he couldn’t fork up the $225,000 bail. Or <a class="colorbox" …Read the Rest

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