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By Tom Knighton

Washington state is kind of bipolar when it comes to guns. While the state passed I-1639 recently, it also is a shall issue state on concealed carry. In fact, we’ve seen before that in some parts of the state, there are a lot of people carrying when something happens.

Yeah, it’s kind of weird in that way.

A couple of shoplifters found out just how many people in a given store might be armed, though, after they stole a few products and found out that they hadn’t really counted on armed citizens.

On the afternoon of 22 December, 2018, two young men decided to steal from a Coastal Farm & Ranch store in Marysville, Washington. Marysville is a town of about 60,000 population 35 miles north of Seattle. The two young men took nail guns worth about $3200 from the store, without paying. They did not expect opposition. Most stores teach their staff not to confront thieves. While it may prevent some lawsuits, it is an invitation to steal.

In this case, concerned citizens worked to stop the blatant theft. An impromptu militia of six formed up and surrounded the suspects’ car with drawn pistols. From

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Source:: Bearing Arms

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