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By Brandon Curtis

PORTLAND, OREGON — A concealed carrier had his firearm fall out of it’s holster and when he went to pick it up, he was shot and killed by police. The story isn’t a simple one, but it is one that could have been avoided.

Campus police are responsible for the shot fired, as local media reports;

Witness Keyaira Smith told KGW that a fight had broken out outside the bar and campus officers at first stood by and watched.

The man who died tried to intervene and de-escalate the fight, which involved a friend of his. While doing this, a gun holstered on his hip fell out. He went to pick it up and shots rang out, Smith said.

Another important part to this story is that another witness reported that the concealed carrier had announced to people that he had a firearm and was licensed to carry.

“The guy who got shot was trying to deescalate the situation the whole time,” said witness Patrick Dean. “He was feeling pressed by a bunch of people. He told them I have a gun I’m a licensed carrier.”

Reports say that a friend of the concealed carrier was involved in the fight and that he …Read the Rest

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