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By Bob Owens

long shot

A concealed carrier in Texas saw a friend’s restaurant being robbed in Humble, TX, last night, and did what any of us might do in his situation.

Well, if any of us had incredibly bad judgement.

A customer took matters into his own hands last night when he saw his friend’s restaurant being robbed.

Deputies said a man was going through the Beijing Wok drive-thru off of Aldine Westfield near FM 1960 Road at around 9pm when he saw two men robbing the restaurant.

The man then went across the street, got his gun and waited for the suspects to leave.

Once they left, he started firing shots at the suspects across four lanes of traffic.

Deputies do not know if the suspects were hit as they took off, possibly in a Nissan.

Shooting across four highway travel lanes (each lane is 12 feet wide) with other vehicles and customers around is just incredibly stupid and dangerous.

The armed customer shot at robbers fleeing the building on the left from the parking lot across a four lane road.

To make accurate shots at distance, you need to focus on your front sight. When you focus on your front sight to make that shot, you’re not going …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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