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Comp-Tac's Gordon Carrell Wins 14th TX State IDPA Championship
Comp-Tac’s Gordon Carrell Wins 14th TX State IDPA Championship

Houston, TX -( Team Comp-Tac’s Gordon Carrell has extended his winning streak by finishing division champion of the Enhanced Service Pistol Division at the 2016 Comp-Tac Republic of Texas IDPA State Championship this May 13-14 in Bellville, Texas.

With a final time of 219.86 Carrell finished top ESP as well as High Industry.

“I am honored that I was able to walk away with my 14th Texas title in a row. Back in 2003 I attended my first Texas Regional and every year since have been able to top out in either ESP or SSP. It’s also a great feeling to ‘produce’ for not only one of your sponsors, but your employer as well,” explained Gordon Carrell who in addition to be the general manager of Comp-Tac is supported by Apex Tactical Specialties, Armadillo Concealment, Smith and Wesson and Warren Tactical Sights.

As the title sponsor of the championship, Comp-Tac’s staff participation extended beyond the competition itself.

“The Republic of Texas means a lot to us as a Texas-based company. This match is one of the events that we look forward to most each year because of the unique …Read the Rest

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