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By Salvatore

I get it. I really do. I lived it briefly. Upon first getting my carry permit as soon as I was old enough to legally do so, the first few days that I carried a loaded handgun on my body concealed proved unsettling. So I have been there, long ago. The difference between me and most that go through this process is that by the time I started carrying I had many years of training with a handgun already under my belt as I was blessed with a father who was a firearms trainer himself as part of his profession. Still, actually carrying the gun concealed proved a new experience despite my substantial training prior to that point. So, I completely understand when a new carrier expresses their apprehension. The good news, I have some advice to assist you in getting comfortable with your decision to carry.

Carrying a loaded handgun is a significant responsibility and it should not be done until you have acquired the appropriate training and level of comfort with the matter. The top priority for all who consider carrying is to obtain appropriate training and to dedicate to significant practice of the safe handling and use of …Read the Rest

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