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By Chris Eger

If you have the cash to spare and are looking for a premium sidelock over-under made with walnut briarwood and Boehler Antinit steel, Beretta may have your gun.
The Beretta SO Sparviere (Italian = Sparrowhawk) is part heirloom quality firearm-as-art and part upland game shotgun. Available with a 2.75- or 3-inch chamber, this super elegant 12 gauge comes in a choice of either 28- or 30-inch barrels.
Did we mention the Sparviere totes 100 hours of engraving? This one features pheasants.
This is a more traditional pattern
The locks can be opened to the side by actioning the safety/barrel selector via gull-wing plates.
To allow for easy maintenance
Barrels are both constructed of cold-hammer forged Boehler Antinit steel and the shotgun itself comes in a leather custom case
Beretta offers the Sparviere in either a traditional pistol grip or straight English stock. The Turkish walnut furniture is shaped, finished with hand-cut deep diamond checkering and polished.
MSRP is $85,000 (ish).

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