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By Bob Owens


Marine Marcus Burlson lost both hands to an IED in Afghanistan, but can shoot again thanks to the efforts of LaBelle, Fla., gunsmiths (and Marines) Buck Holly and Dave Clark (not pictured) of C & H Precision.

Is it just me, or is it a little dusty in here?

Explosions have shattered much of Marcus Burleson’s adult life.

The Twin Towers. The Afghan bomb that blew up in the young Marine’s face. His marriage.

But this week came an explosion Burleson, 34, had been craving for years: the crack and kick of his new M40A3 rifle, custom-made by LaBelle, Fla., gunsmith Buck Holly to be shot by a man with no hands.

Sweat shining on his scarred cheeks, Burleson cocked his head and curled his black bionic finger around the trigger of a weapon designed similarly to a Marine Corps sniper rifle used since the 1960s. With the faintest of mechanical whirs, he squeezed, then fired.


Burleson laughed. And kept laughing.

“How’s that?” Holly exclaimed. “230 yards. First-round hit.”

Still grinning, Burleson said, “Like a tuning fork.”

Beyond the impressive marksmanship, this shot is another step on Burleson’s journey to the kind of life he wants. Though technically disabled, he works to raise money and awareness …Read the Rest

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