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By Jon Wayne Taylor


The best medicine on any battlefield is fire superiority. That simple mantra, or some version of it, is written in just about every tactical medical manual and Tactical Combat Casualty Care course ever taught. And for good reason. If you are unfortunate enough to be shot, the most important thing is to ensure that you are not shot again. That means limiting your opponent’s ability to continue firing and limiting his mobility are your primary concerns. The best way to do that is by returning effective fire to the opponent . . .

How do we increase the odds that we will shoot back when injured? We train for it. No, do not put on body armor and have a friend shoot you. For all of my drunken redneck friends, I say again, do not do that. Do, however, practice drawing and shooting from the ground, from on your back, side, and stomach. Practice drawing off hand and shooting with each hand. Practice drawing and shooting while crawling. (Be ready for a humbling experience there. It is super awkward.) Video it all or have a friend watch you to see when you’ve swept the muzzle past your …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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