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By Jon Wayne Taylor


It appears that the US Army has finally decided to start using hollow point ammunition for the general issues service pistol. When RF called me and told me that, I was highly doubtful. But by all accounts, (and you heard it on TTAG first folks) this is the real deal. As a combat veteran, and as a medic, I couldn’t be happier. The standard 9X19NATO round nosed FMJ is now, and has always been, a grossly inadequate handgun round for combat. In my experience, it pokes fairly small, smooth holes in soft targets, with neat wound channels. I’ve never seen one break up in tissue, and I’ve seen patients shot multiple times with the round, and still be conscious and capable of continuing to fight. That’s the last thing you want out of your enemy in combat . . .

This decision should, although I’m sure it won’t, end the caliber debate for military usage. The standard pressure 9X19 cartridge, when topped with a modern expanding bullet, is ideal for general combat use. With the expansion capabilities of modern bullets, the 9mm round can now equal wound characteristics similar to the .45ACP, but still carry more rounds with less recoil.

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