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By Robert Farago

Colorado State Rep. Patrick Neville (courtesy

“The only thing that is going to stop murderers intent on doing harm is to give good people the legal authority to carry a gun to protect themselves and our children.” That’s the word from Columbine High School massacre survivor and Colorado State Rep. Patrick Neville (R). Specifically, Mr. Neville has introduced legislation to enable teachers to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. It has little chance in the Democrat-controlled House. But what Mr. Neville has to say on the subject needs saying . . .

Neville, who graduated from Columbine High School, was in school on the day of the horrific shooting in 1999. “More of my friends would still be alive today,” if teachers were carrying guns . . .

“Parents wake up everyday and bring their children to school on blind faith that their kids will return home safe,” Neville said. “Unfortunately, the current system continues to leave our children as sitting targets for criminals intent on doing harm.”

How many more children will Democrats sacrifice on the altar of political correctness? For refusing to wave the bloody shirt for gun control, for sounding the alarm, Mr. Neville gets TTAG’s Gun Hero of …Read the Rest

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