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Sam Colt — genius, huckster, snake oil salesman, and one of the inventors of the modern world. His revolving pistols changed firearms and warfare forever, and his percussion revolvers remain with us, ageless beauty, matched with relentless killing efficiency.

Sam Colt was not nearly as good a businessman as an arms designer, and by 1844 he was dead broke and out of business. It was his relationship with the Texas Rangers that proved to be his salvation. Former Texas Ranger, Samuel Walker, and flamboyant Ranger, Captain Jack “Bravo-Too-Much” Hayes, were huge proponents of the Colts, but had some ideas for changes to create the perfect revolver for Horse Soldiers. The result was the massive Walker Colt- five pounds of steel that was the most powerful handgun ever made, well into the 20th century.

The Walker Colt was a six-shooter, the first of its kind. It fired a .454 caliber ball, although it was marketed as .44 caliber, at more than 1000 feet per second, approaching modern .44 Magnum ballistics. With Colt’s factory back up and running, he addressed the shortcomings of the Walker- mainly the size and weight. The Dragoon was half a pound lighter with a shorter barrel. The cylinder was …Read the Rest

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