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By Andrew Shepperson

Some Colorado teachers are receiving active shooter training. (Photo: 9 News)
Some Colorado teachers have headed to the gun range instead of summer vacation in order to receive active shooter training in Weld County.
Colorado 9 News reported the group Coloradans for Civil Liberties paid for about 17 school staff members to receive FASTER Training, which stands for Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response.
“In a nutshell, it is training for teachers and other school staff who are armed first responders in their schools,” said Laura Carno, founder of the civil liberties group.
The program, first started in Ohio, offered scholarships to teachers and other school staff members in Colorado, many of whom are from rural districts.
“By and large rural school districts, who have made the decision that law enforcement is 30-45 minutes away,” Carno explained. “They are their own first responders.”
Ronnie Wilson, who hopes to start a K-12 charter school, was one of the first to fire some rounds at the training.
“I’m looking for every possible venue and avenue to ensure safety of students,” Wilson said.
Under current Colorado law, school staff members with permits can carry concealed guns in school so long as they have been designated as a security officer.
Carno noted Wilson was the only trainee


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