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By Bob Owens


We monitored but didn’t comment on the incident last week in Colorado Springs where a man murdered three people as he walked down the street before finally being confronted and killed by police.

We didn’t feel it was responsible to comment at the time because police in Colorado Springs were very cautious in disclosing information during their investigation, and there simply wasn’t much known about the murderer*, his motives, or the trigger for the incident.

Sadly, we still don’t have a reason for the murder spree, which seems to have been almost completely random. The murderer appears to have been progressing into mental illness, but had purchased the firearms used in the incident legally six years ago.

The most disturbing thing about this incident for many was the fact that a 911 call were placed before the shooting, as a neighbor watched the eventual murderer walking with an AR-15 in hand. The dispatcher—who was current on Colorado’s gun laws—noted that it is considered legal to open carry a rifle in the manner this man was.

The man also had gas cans, and it was only because he was armed and had gas cans that even a low-priority call was placed.

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