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There are probably three reasons why you are thinking of taking up hand­ loading your ammo. Economy, better accuracy, or a certain purpose for which factory ammo is not well suited.

Take the present popular .243 Win­chester cartridge. Factory ammo now costs $20.50 a hundred rounds. You can reload the fired cases with an 85-grain bullet, 39 grains of 4895 powder and the primer for about $5.30 not including your labor and the initial price of the tools. Some difference! If you are blos­soming out with a brand new rifle, particularly if you are not already a very experienced rifleman, its going to take you about 500 rounds of careful range shooting to develop good marksman­ship. You should become so familiar with that rifle that both you and it will perform at the maximum, either on the target range or in the hunting field.

GA-60th-logo-300x300Take the .243 rifle above cited, well bedded and with a good scope. I must have fired more than 200 groups at 100 yards from bench rest with two such rifles, and I have seen many other shoot­ers firing this caliber. Factory ammo has averaged groups of about 1.75 inches; the above handload in …Read the Rest

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