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By Robert Farago

In this hidden video, a student journalist pretends to be upset by the Constitution. In the opening scene, Kelly Grab, Vassar’s Assistant Director of Equal Opportunity, oversees the literal shredding of a copy of the document. Now, if a student told me that a piece of paper was causing panic attacks, I would have no problem . . .

watching her shred that document. You know…as part of her therapy. Constitution, Bible, Mao’s Little Red Book, whatever. This strikes me as entirely appropriate (after an appropriate discussion). Which makes the first part of the video an example of unfair “gotcha” journalism. Especially considering the edit, which leaves out a vital part of the conversation.

“The Constitution is an oppressive document,” Carol Lesser, Professor of History and Director of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies pronounces (at 5:40). Then again, Lesser praises the Constitution for its protection against quick, radical change. And, later (8:30), discusses the meaning of the Second Amendment. While I profoundly disagree with her views, she does not say the Constitution should be discarded.

Other professors also talk-up the doc. And criticize specific parts – rather than calling for its abolition. While I’m appalled by …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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