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The Vortex Blog contains an interesting article featuring recommended gear for a coyote hunting trip in late winter/early spring. This Vortex article covers all the items you’ll need: rifle, optics, shooting sticks, insulated clothing, Laser Rangefinder, game calls, carry packs and more.
In the article intro, Vortex notes: “Winter snow and cold temps don’t get Vortex’s Bill Krivanek down. In fact, quite the opposite. This time of year, he’s fired up about calling coyotes and putting a little fur on the ground. “There’s so much to love about these crafty critters”, said Bill. “They nearly always have the advantage. When you get one to come in to shooting range, you’ve really accomplished something. It’s as exciting as hunting gets.” Click the links below for more information about the Vortex Scope and Rangefinder used by Krivanek.

Complete Gear List for Cold Weather Hunting

A. Gloves
B. Milwaukee 2103 Headlamp
C. King’s Camo Snow Shadow®, Insulated Bibs
D. King’s Camo Snow Shadow®, Insulated Jacket
E. Vanguard Scout B62 Bipod
F. Knit Hat
G. Vortex Viper HD3000 Laser Rangefinder
H. FOXPRO® Shockwave Electronic Game Call

I. Open Reed & Closed Reed Mouth Calls
J. Red Rock Outdoor Gear Pack
K. HS Strut Deluxe 2-Way Strut Seat
L. Hornady 55gr V-Max Varmint Express
M. Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10x44mm Scope

Source: Accurate Shooter

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