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By David Codrea


Bolstering the sentiment that establishment media commits sins of omission as well as of commission, a curious void exists in the media narrative of the oft-deported illegal alien felon who allegedly shot a woman to death with a gun stolen from a BLM agent: The identity of the agent.

A search shows no press sources have revealed that information at this writing, 20 days after Kathyn Steinle was killed. Not nationally and not locally, and not with the media having access to sources and resources unavailable to #justablogger activists interested in truths the public has every right to know.

“Land agency: Agent’s stolen service gun used in pier slaying,” the Boston Herald headlined in a featured Associated Press report. “BLM spokeswoman Dan Wilson said the service weapon was issued to an agency ranger, and was stolen from the agent’s car while he was in San Francisco on business.”

“Pier 14 Shooting: BLM agent’s gun used in killing, was reported stolen in June,” KRON 4 affirmed in its version of events. Three reporters were assigned to the story, but evidently pressing BLM for details as to exactly who was involved and what their employee actually did (or did …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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