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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Cobalt Kinetics' 50 State Solution for the AR-15 Platform
Cobalt Kinetics’ 50 State Solution for the AR-15 Platform

U.S.A.-( In March 2018 Cobalt debuted the model 27 rifle. This offering departed from the company’s long-established BAMF platform in that the lower half was designed to have the feel of a more traditional rifle, and ended up being “compliant” (aka featureless) in restrictive markets like California.

The lower receiver of the 27 does indeed mate up with Cobalt’s own AR-15 patterned upper but its cross-platform universality ended there. The grip and stock interface and even the trigger shelf were altered to meet regulations that define and subsequently prohibit a gun based on the geometry of the grip and stock. The receiver extension bears the cheek rest while the aggressively swept grip organically morphs into a stock. It’s made entirely of machined aluminum. It’s a beautiful thing- evidence of the skill and nuance appreciated by the talented artists, engineers and machinists at Cobalt Kinetics.

SENTRY Model 27 - Not your granddaddy's semi-automatic rifle
SENTRY Model 27 – Not your granddaddy’s semi-automatic rifle

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