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By Laura Burgess

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The U.S. Coast Guard now has improved capability with the addition of two Chameleon cassettes to its previous custom HazMat kit of eight Chameleon cassettes.

HAZMAT using Chameleon Detection Kit
Morphix Technologies

Virginia Beach, Va. ( – Morphix Technologies®, an innovator in the science of detection devices for dangerous chemicals, announces its most recent contract award: to be the sole supplier for the U.S. Coast Guard’s custom Chameleon® HAZMAT Refill Cassette Kits. Morphix is the current supplier of the U.S. Coast Guard’s inventory of over 6,000 Chameleon® Chemical Detection Armbands.

Coast Guard Emblem
Coast Guard Emblem

This new contract will allow Morphix Technologies’ to provide increased capability with the Chameleon HazMat Refill Kit containing Chameleon cassettes for 10 hazardous chemicals rather than eight. The CBRNe branch has articulated that with each mission, USCG personnel enter unknown areas with absolutely no idea what type of dangers they may encounter. This additional detection capability will help keep themselves and those they serve safer.

Chameleon Chemical Detection Kit
Chameleon Chemical Detection Kit

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