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By Jim Clary

COAST FL75R Rechargable Headlamp
COAST FL75R Rechargable Headlamp
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USA -( With the advances in LED technology, the variety of headlamps available to the sportsman has literally exploded.

COAST FL75R Rechargable Headlamp

They come in all sizes, luminosity and prices. You can find them priced from as low as $20 to over $200. That brings us to the question, which one of the dozens available should you select?

The following criteria what we feel are essential for a headlamp that is suitable for hunters, campers and hikers:

  1. Don’t even consider those cheap bargain units that you find at the checkout lines of the big box sporting goods stores. They are more suited as toys for your kids than as units that you might be depending upon with your life.
  2. The unit must use conventional AA, AAA batteries, or be rechargeable. Our reasoning for that is availability. A lot of units use CR123A, CR2032 or CR2016 batteries which are not only expensive but difficult to find in a lot of locations around the country.
  3. The unit must have a minimum output of 200 lumens, and preferably having the ability to focus out to 100 yards.
  4. The unit must be tough enough to survive the impact of a fall, …Read the Rest

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