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By Lee Williams

In a story published Sunday, CNN was forced to prop up the long-debunked Gun Violence Archive — the Washington D.C.-based nonprofit that provides the cable network and other anti-gun groups with sensational, misleading and inaccurate mass-shooting data.The CNN story states that the Supreme Court Justices who dissented in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, INC. vs Bruen, cited data from the Gun Violence Archive, or GVA, which falsely claimed there have been 277 mass shootings since the beginning of 2022 — an average of one mass shooting per day.“The dissent was just the latest example of the growing influence of the Gun Violence Archive, a tiny nonprofit that has for less than a decade attempted to log every single incident of gun violence in the US in real time,” CNN wrote. “The organization has been cited by the Supreme Court, policymakers and media outlets like CNN primarily for its ongoing tally of mass shootings, which it defines as any incident in which four people are shot, excluding the shooter.”Mark Bryant, the GVA’s executive director, told CNN he is noticing the phrase “according to Gun Violence Archive” cited more frequently in news stories, which Bryant sees as an affirmation of

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