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By Carly Hoilman

Carl Higbie (Image source: YouTube)

In anticipation of the votes scheduled to take place on several gun control measures in the Senate Monday, the public debate over tightening gun laws continues in the media.

CNN’s “New Day” Monday featured in interview Donald Trump supporter and former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie, who reiterated some of the talking points his candidate voiced in the wake of the June 12 shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Carl Higbie (Image source: YouTube)

But CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota was pointed in her questioning of Higbie after her guest insisted that if more individuals had been armed the evening of the Pulse nightclub attack, the damage would not have been nearly as devastating.

Camerota noted that there was an armed security guard and that police arrived minutes after they received word of the shooting.

Higbie then cited a “Harvard study” that, he said, shows there is “absolutely no evidence to the fact that gun laws will prevent gun violence.”

“Hold on one second,” Camerota immediately shot back. “Tell that to Australia. Australia passed a massive gun control law in 1996 after a mass shooting. They bought back hundreds of thousands of semi-automatic weapons and haven’t had a mass shooting since.”

“And their violent crime rate has since risen,” Higbie …Read the Rest

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