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By Bob Owens


The three candidates for the 2016 Democrat nomination are still attempting to maneuver before tonight’s MSNBC debate, and it appears that Hillary Clinton is once again finding ways to outflank old socialist Bernie Sanders and that other guy.

I’m just not sure that pandering to the mother-of-dead-criminals lobby is her path to victory:

Voters in South Carolina will have their first chance to see the three candidates vying for the Democratic nomination together here on Friday, when Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley appear at a forum at Winthrop University.

The event, hosted by the state party and billed as the “First in the South Presidential Candidates Forum,” will be broadcast live on MSNBC and focus on both regional and national issues. One issue, however, has become a flashpoint in the race this week as the candidates campaigned across the country: gun control.

The issues of gun control and criminal justice reform have revealed differences between the candidates on the Democratic side of the race and, as it has grown more competitive, the candidates have sought to take advantage.

Clinton started her week in Chicago on Monday, when her campaign arranged a meeting with family members of victims of gun violence, including …Read the Rest

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