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By Bob Owens


Hillary Clinton’s campaign sent out a letter asserting that she was running against the NRA in the 2016 elections via her allies at the left-wing political blog, the Daily Kos.

I wonder how many of them know or care that she’s blatantly lying to them.

Subject: Hey, let’s take on the NRA

Friend —

Columbine. Sandy Hook. Charleston. Every time our nation endures another mass shooting, we come together to pray for the families affected — but we owe them much more than prayer. Tragedies like these aren’t acts of God; they’re acts of men, and it’s our responsibility to prevent them.

Hey, I need you with me on this. Sign your name if you agree it’s time to stand up to the NRA and the gun manufacturers it represents.

Taking on the gun lobby will be tough, but I’m ready for this fight. We need to close legal loopholes like the one that led to the shooting in Charleston, we need to fight for comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the wrong hands — and we need to hold manufacturers and gun dealers accountable when they break the rules.

About 33,000 Americans die every year because of gun violence. Our loved ones …Read the Rest

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