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Many are shocked that Clint Eastwood endorsed Bloomberg, but the real reason isn’t because Trump isn’t “genteel” enough.

Despite being heavily associated with firearms in his Westerns and police movies, Eastwood has publicly endorsed gun control since at least 1973. In the April 24, 1973, edition of The Washington Post, the star said, “I’m for gun legislation myself. I don’t hunt.”

Two years later, in 1975, Eastwood told People magazine that he favors “gun control to some degree.”

About a year later, Eastwood remarked that “All guns should be registered. I don’t think legitimate gun owners would mind that kind of legislation. Right now the furor against a gun law is by gun owners who are overreacting. They’re worried that all guns are going to be recalled. It’s impossible to take guns out of circulation, and that’s why firearms should be registered and mail-order delivery of guns halted.”

In 1993, he noted that he “…was always a backer” of the Brady Bill, with its federally mandated waiting period.

In 1995, Eastwood questioned the purpose of assault weapons. Larry King, the television host and newspaper columnist, wrote in the May 22, 1995, edition of USA Today that “my interview with Eastwood …Read the Rest

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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