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By Gregory Smith

Felons aren’t famous for taking care of their firearms, that’s why the following happened:

The robber pressed a handgun to the temple of a man who interrupted a garage burglary at a Brooklyn Park apartment complex.

The 29-year-old man stood there.

The weapon went “click.”


Twice more, police said, the 21-year-old gunman squeezed the trigger. Each time, the well-worn .38-caliber weapon refused to fire.

That’s when felon Nathaniel E. Reynolds fled, only to be quickly corralled by several people who came to the aid of the man who was nearly shot execution style last week, according to charges filed in Hennepin County District Court.


Reynolds’ criminal history in Minnesota includes a conviction in August 2015 in Hennepin County after he pleaded guilty to robbery, while having charges of auto theft and fleeing police dismissed.

He was sentenced to six months in the workhouse and three years’ probation, which included the requirements that he commit no crimes and not possess a firearm.

Nathaniel has violated several federal gun laws, but thanks to weak enforcement of the laws already on the books, he’s getting a joke of a sentence. What the hell is a workhouse? Is that like a halfway house? It’s not even prison!

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Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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