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By CN Staff

By Sam Hooper via TTAG

If you’re going to carry a concealed firearm, it’s necessary to practice the defensive use of a handgun. Simply punching holes in the 10 ring at the range isn’t enough; you need to work on the skills that you’ll need in the real world.

What that entails for most people is drawing a firearm from under a cover garment of some sort, as most people who carry on a regular basis conceal rather than open carry. Therefore, it’s necessary that you practice clearing that cover garment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Some people use a two-layered garment system for concealed carry, often an untucked button-up shirt or vest over a t-shirt. Some wear the outer layer that’s fastened. Some don’t. If you wear business or professional dress, then it will probably be a suit jacket.

Unfastened layers are more efficient for quick access, though concealment can become more tenuous on a windy day. Some folks fashion a modesty flap of sorts to help keep the garment in place; a small leather strap or bit of fishing line is a common solution.

The most common technique to clear the cover garment is to sweep the strong side …Read the Rest

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