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By Alan Korwin

Class Action for Wrongful NICS Denials Gaining Momentum

USA-( Rumors have begun that a class-action suit against the FBI, BATFE, NICS-system operators and DOJ itself may be in the works, from people whose civil rights were wrongfully denied by bad firearms background checks.

Multiple reports have surfaced that at least 25% of retail-sales denials are completely erroneous.

Professor John Lott has estimated that up to 99% of NICS denials are false positives, and based on the number of actual criminals apprehended or convictions obtained, NICS basically just denies rights without much crime-fighting component evidenced, at enormous cost and delay.

The class of people whose fundamental constitutional civil rights have been withheld or outright denied by NICS is likely in the millions.

Civil-rights denial under color of law or otherwise, aside from being detestable, is a felony under numerous federal statutes.

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