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By Gregory Smith


Check Out What South Pond Water Fowl Says About It…

“No other form of hunting puts your equipment to the test like waterfowl hunting; your gun is always getting knocked into the water or mud. We have all been in situations where our guns have not worked as they should, and it’s mainly due to neglect. The last thing any hunter wants is a gun that doesn’t perform in crunch time. Keeping your gun clean is crucial.
That being said, I was that guy in the field who always had a spray can. Those cans were used multiple times in the field by me and others. I shoot an auto loader, and those can be more finicky for obvious reasons. I clean my gun 4 times a season depending on conditions, and it always amazes me how much garbage comes out each time. I have seemingly brought home a whole cornfield; dirt, cobs, stalks and all. All it takes is one thing getting hung up in there and your gun won’t function.

The oil arrived right before dove season. I had shot 3 cases of light loads through my shotgun at the range and farm, just doing a little clay busting to …read more

Source:: Selling the Second Amendment

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