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By Tom Knighton

What would happen if you or I were to go out and decide that we were going to build full-auto firearms and hand them to anyone we wanted?

We all know what would happen. We’d be arrested and charged with committing several crimes.

Now, what if we told the court that it was OK because we were really on the right side of history? Do you think that would make any difference at all?

Probably not.

Yet a Pittsburgh city councilman thinks that it’s fine for his city to ignore state pre-emption laws for just that reason.

As you may recall, Pittsburgh has been looking to pass their own gun control laws despite the state’s pre-emption measure that bars communities from making their own gun control rules. Even their own district attorney warned them that it would be illegal.

City Councilman Corey O’Connor, however, says that it doesn’t matter. His reason? Typical leftist clap-trap.

HAYES-FREELAND: So, final question, Corey O’Connor, representative from City Council, you got this letter, you got it last week, surprised you that it popped up on social media today, but the bottom line for you is you’re gonna keep pushing toward the proposed legislation.

O’CONNOR: Yeah, you …Read the Rest

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