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By Tom Knighton

Guns elicit a reaction in a great many people, but especially gun owners.

For the record, we tend to be pretty passionate about our Second Amendment rights, and we don’t let anyone infringe on them. We’ll call up congressmen and women, we’ll petition governors and presidents, we’ll hold rallies, we’ll battle for our rights at every single level of government.

That includes local government, which it seems the city of Charlestown, Rhode Island learned the hard way.

Monday’s Town Council meeting was postponed when 170 people packed the council chambers, which has a capacity of 100. Prompted by an item on the agenda that proposed to restrict target shooting to licensed shooting ranges, gun rights advocates, as well as people who support the proposal, were eager to voice their opinions.

“We can’t hold the meeting,” council President Virginia Lee told the crowd. “We will duly advertise, at a larger venue, likely the elementary school, where we can actually hear everybody and give everyone a chance to speak.”

In attendance were the two neighbors at the center of the debate: King’s Factory Road resident JoAnn Stolle and her neighbor, Jim Blackwood. Stolle, who has lived in her home for more than 30 …Read the Rest

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