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By Tom Knighton

Sutherland Springs was horrific. There’s just no other way to describe an event that murders multiple generations of families and practically decimates a small town. In fact, “horrific” is really too mild a word to ascribe to such an event.

It was made all the worse for many by finding out that the NICS, the very system charged with keeping guns out of the hands of people like this killer, failed to do so. It failed because the Department of Defense had failed to report the killer’s crimes during his Air Force enlistment to the system.

People were upset, to say the least.

Then it was revealed that the killer was far from the only one the DOD failed to report to the NICS.

Now, a handful of cities are filing a lawsuit against the United States Armed Forces for this failure.

The cities of New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco have filed suit against the Pentagon for repeatedly failing to report military convictions to a federal database designed to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.

The lawsuit was filed in federal district court in Virginia on Friday in cooperation with former Arizona Democratic congresswoman and shooting victim …Read the Rest

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