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By Tom Knighton

Outside of the gun rights community and his own state, almost no one has heard of Sen. Chris Murphy. The Connecticut senator isn’t exactly a big name, in the grand scheme of things.

That’s to be expected. Connecticut isn’t exactly the biggest state, and he hasn’t been in the Senate long enough to amass much in the way of power. It’s not like that stops him from trying to act like a big deal, though. Especially when it comes to guns.

Now, he’s trying to help raise a pile of money to help elect more anti-gun politicians to office so he might do more than yell at the clouds.

Chris Murphy is out to fight the gun lobby with a money bomb.

And he’s lining up some of the biggest names in Democratic politics to try to make the impact as big as possible.

“It’s time to take this movement for a test drive and see how big and powerful we are,” said the Connecticut senator, who has established himself as a national leader among gun control advocates since the shooting in Newtown occurred in his old House district, just after he was elected to the Senate in 2012.

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